Vaccum pumps

Vaccum pumps


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Vacuum pumps are mechanical devices used to create, maintain, and improve a vacuum within a closed system. They remove gas molecules from a sealed volume to reduce the pressure, creating a partial vacuum. Vacuum pumps are essential in various industries, including manufacturing, chemical processing, electronics, medical, and scientific research. These pumps are crucial for processes such as vacuum packaging, degassing, vacuum forming, coating, and electron microscopy. Types include Positive displacement pumps, Momentum transfer pumps, Entrapment pumps, Hybrid pumps, 


Rough Vacuum (Atmospheric to 1 Torr), Medium Vacuum (1 Torr to 10^-3 Torr), High Vacuum (10^-3 Torr to 10^-9 Torr), Ultra-High Vacuum (Below 10^-9 Torr), 


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