U-Bolt Rod To Cable Clamp

U-Bolt Rod To Cable Clamp


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Material Description

A U-Bolt Rod to Cable Clamp is a hardware device used to secure a cable or rod to a structural element. It consists of a U-shaped bolt with threaded ends and a clamping mechanism, often with a saddle and nuts, which can be tightened to hold the cable or rod firmly in place. This type of clamp is commonly used in various applications such as electrical grounding, fencing, and supporting piping or conduit systems.
Types includes Standard U-Bolt Clamps - Heavy Duty U-Bolt Clamps, Light Duty U-Bolt Clamps
Galvanized U-Bolt Clamps - Hot-Dip Galvanized, Electro-Galvanized
Stainless Steel U-Bolt Clamps, Insulated U-Bolt Clamps 
Specialty U-Bolt Clamps 


Grade 2,Grade 5,Grade 8,Stainless Steel Grades, Alloy Steel Grades


100 tonnes available


All standard size available as per client requirement.


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