Ring Type Tinned Copper Cable Terminal Ends  (Non Insulated)

Ring Type Tinned Copper Cable Terminal Ends (Non Insulated)


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Material Description

Ring type tinned copper cable terminal ends (non-insulated) are designed to provide a secure and reliable connection between a cable and a terminal or stud. These terminal ends feature a ring-shaped opening that fits over a screw or bolt, allowing for easy and robust attachment. Made from tinned copper, these terminals combine the excellent conductivity of copper with the enhanced corrosion resistance provided by the tin coating. Type Standard Ring Terminals, Heavy-Duty Ring Terminals, Narrow Tongue Ring Terminals, Flared Entry Ring Terminals


Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper (ETP) (ASTM B152/B187),Oxygen-Free High Conductivity Copper (OFHC) (ASTM B170)


100 tonnes available


All standard size available as per client requirement.


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