Double Plate "U" Bolt Clamp

Double Plate "U" Bolt Clamp


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A Double Plate "U" Bolt Clamp is a type of fastener used to secure pipes, rods, or tubing to a fixed structure. It consists of a U-shaped bolt with threads on both ends and a pair of plates that sandwich the clamped object when the nuts are tightened on the threads. This clamp provides a secure and stable hold, making it ideal for various applications in construction, plumbing, and automotive industries.
Types includes Standard Double Plate "U" Bolt Clamp, Heavy-Duty Double Plate "U" Bolt Clamp, Insulated Double Plate "U" Bolt Clamp, Galvanized Double Plate "U" Bolt Clamp, Stainless Steel Double Plate "U" Bolt Clamp


Grade 2,Grade 5,Grade 8,Stainless Steel Grades


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