Antistatic and Electrical Gloves

Antistatic and Electrical Gloves


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Meta Description

Antistatic gloves and electrical gloves are specialized types of safety gloves designed to protect against static electricity and electrical hazards, respectively. These gloves are crucial in industries where workers are exposed to electrical equipment, circuits, and devices, helping prevent electric shocks, burns, and static discharge-related damage. Antistatic gloves dissipate static electricity to reduce the risk of sparks or damage to sensitive electronic components, while electrical gloves provide insulation and protection against high-voltage currents.
The types are Antistatic Gloves and Electrical Insulating Gloves.


Antistatic Gloves Grades
Low Grade
Medium Grade
High Grade

Electrical Gloves Grades (Classified by Voltage Rating)
Class 00 (500 Volts)
Class 0 (1000 Volts)
Class 1 (7500 Volts)
Class 2 (17000 Volts)
Class 3 (26500 Volts)
Class 4 (36000 Volts)


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